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Friday, October 9

Fashiona on Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010: Elie Saab

"Fashion Week" is really  a month of fashion shows starting in New York mid September  and travels around the fashion capitals of the world.  This week  the shows are  in Paris and in blogworld, Louis Vuitton's oversized Afros are getting a lot of chatter...and rightfully so.  Just check out  blogger Afrobella's say so on the matter.

Controversy aside, Fashiona loved Beirut based Elie Saab's Spring 2010 and just wonders which dress  is (or dresses) Beyoncé is going to rock on the red carpet??  They are all so worthy of  Hollywood and Hip Hop royalty.

Elie Saab RTW Spring 2010
All Photos by Dominique Maitre/WWD.com

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