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Monday, October 5

Fashiona on Alpha Shoppers


Well there are alpha men...Fashiona's current boyfriend "M Tyson" is one such male.  There are alpha women of which cradle robbing Madonna may be  one of the most extreme.  And according to Lucky Magazine there are....alpha shoppers.

These alpha shoppers were so coined after an on-line study by Latitude, a marketing research firm in Boston. Long story short, there are women between 18-39 who have household incomes of $50.000 or higher with the majority making $100,000+.  Although they are heavily influenced by everything from their peers to social media to traditional media to good old fashion window shopping...they still keep an close eye on their bottom line.  All while fully justifying their "spurge" designer purchases (Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton or some such $$$$ item)  as treasures to pass down to younger fashionistas.  

Photo Credit: Fendi Large Bag de Jour Handbag/www.bagborroworsteal.com/

So Fashiona has yet  another title  to achieve that of alpha shopper! For now at least she subscribes to Lucky Magazine.

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