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Wednesday, October 28

Anthropologie to set up shop in London

So Fashiona's Sis dropped a small fortune at Lenox Square over the weekend, apparently taking economists charge to stimulate the economy very seriously.    A  great deal of her updated wardrobe came from Anthropologie.  

Photo Credit: www.anthropologie.com

Although Fashiona does not typically shop Anthropologie; she did offer her opinions on her sister's choices...free of charge.  

And as of this Friday, the earth friendly, artsy, Americana meets Urban Chic store is  making its debut across the pond in London on Regent Street.  With this bit of news Fashiona is wondering if her bloggy friend Dori From a Yellow House will make her way there when she is London bound.

Photo Credit: Marcus Dawes/WWD.com

View of the new Anthropologie store in London.

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