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Monday, January 25

Fashiona trades personal trainers for hard hats

In between award shows (Grammy's are next weekend...Fashiona can't wait), Fashiona thought she would update her readers on her personal dealings. 

After several months  at "testerone factory" with the personal trainers, Fashiona finally had to say goodbye to the six packs and locker room conversation.   She is now working with Mr. Baller and Big Red at a construction company, she runs the front office.  Although she has expressed her heartfelt desire to visit the actual project site, Mr. Baller seems to think that her tight jeans and high heels would be a distraction. So she is in the office most of the time and her glimpses of men in hard hats are far and few between...sniffle, sniffle.

Fashiona is still working at the boutique and loves it.  She works with a great group of diverse women and enjoys the clients that range from young professionals to hip grandmas to their men that come in for gifts.  Fashiona is on the visual merchandising track...in a nut shell keeping the store pretty, fresh and  constantly inviting.

Her appearance on BlogTalkRadio, Your 15 minutes went well last month, so much so that she was asked to be a regular guest.   Starting in February, she will be appearing monthly.  Just in time for Valentine's Day,  she is on the panel discussing Hill Harper's The Conversation: How Black Men and Women Can Build Loving, Trusting Relationships.

Should be an interesting discussion but it is a good thing that she has her Valentine's Day date already lined up!


RE Ausetkmt said...

wow you are raking in the dough there chica. go head, and get it when you can; especially in this economy.

hill harpers' book is all about his dirty laundry. it's not a good read and I certainly didn't learn anything except that he can't keep his business to himself. brotha may be fine and can act; buttterah he shoulda used a ghost writer.

oo no mo entrecard I see. ;)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Hey Re, Entrecard was too much to deal with now that they have changed the format. Now I am really curious about the book. I don't know that much about Hill Harper personally but apparently this is my opportunity to learn. I hope he was discreet enough to change identifing details of people involved.

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