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Thursday, January 7

Fashiona's first product giveaway: Skin MD Natural™

As Fashiona is typing this post, it is snowing in Atlanta...yes snowing! 

*Update Jan 8,2009

A decent showing of snow by southern standards

In fact the most recent cold snap is affecting the US from New York to Florida making the number of people with winter dry skin a record high.  Fashiona is helping combat her temperamental skin with Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. 

First, she noticed was the light fresh aloe smell; smell in any product is very important to her.  Fashiona also liked the light feel of the lotion.  On your skin, it feels like a sheer lotion but works like heavier skin cream.

What makes this lotion different than other moisturizers on the market?

"A shielding lotion is unlike any other conventional, artificial moisturizers because it works with the skin to naturally moisturize and heal. Most conventional, artificial moisturizers only add moisture to the surface of the skin, but do little to repair the skin's natural barrier against moisture robbing irritants. Skin MD Natural breaks the dry skin cycle by working to help restore skin's natural protective abilities by bonding to the outer layer of skin, strengthening skins natural barrier against toxins and irritants that can dry the skin, while locking in the skin's natural oils."

If you are interested in trying Skin MD Natural™ product, please make a comment until January 14 on this post and include your e-mail address in the body of the comment. Fashiona will randomly select a reader and send them a full-size bottle.

Stay warm and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.


Dori said...

Yeah,I heard about the snow back home :) It has snowed here too. As you suggested,moisturize,moisturize, moisturize for sure ;-) Stay warm and have a great weekend!

ummSanaa said...

so this same moisturizer should work on my oily skin? i usually use something that gives my face a matte finish.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Dori: My hands are the toughest customer right now. Between the cold temps and the constant washing, I need a warehouse full of hand cream.

UmmSanaa: The top 2 ingredients in Skin MD Shielding lotion is water followed by aloe. The effect is a natural glow but not a matte finish. My complexion is on the oily side also and the lotion worked well for me. My suggestion is to moisturize first and then use a mineral powder foundation. Bare Mineral has reformatted their line to include a matte finish with SPF 15, very important.

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