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Sunday, January 3

Social Sunday: Directness vs. Diplomacy

"Keeping it real." People use the expression all the time but what do they really mean.  Of course it depends on the person but often it is a catch phrase for justifying whatever they do or say, good, bad and indifferent.  For the sake of this post, Fashiona will define the pop culture phrase:

"Saying you feel without any pretense"

The case for "keeping it real" had some major blows in 2009.  For example, a very plastered Kanye West was justified in thinking that Beyoncé did have the best video but it was in poor taste at best to jump on the stage and steal Taylor Swift's thunder. 


Photo: Chris Polk/ Getty Images

"Fashiona" even more so than her creator Alicia is known for her directness but she still  feels the need  to edit her commentary.   She is certainly a free thinker but she does try to be fair and balanced and well informed before she "goes in" so to speak. Even Fashiona feels that there is always a tactful way to say most things...now having the patience always be that tactful...that is another story.

Will everyone agree with she says...no and that is ok because she loves a good debate.  Her love of debate is just one of the reasons that she loves watching the political "talking heads" on CNN in particular.  The reporters are duty bound to be impartial and the commentators from left and right spar  like they are fighting for the heavyweight title...drama at its finest. 

While Fashiona has the highest respect for journalism and reporters in general, she enjoys the freedom of being "unscripted".  She is at her best when she is partial and opinionated rather than strictly stating the facts.

Having that said Red Carpet season begins in two weeks, with the Golden Globes as the first major event where the stars are out in their finery and Fashiona will be watching with her critical eye and publishing her thoughts for all to read.  She does implore her readers to let her know if she crossed the line from slightly snarky to brutal unnecessarily  harsh.


jacqueline said...

Happy New Year, young lady. I enjoyed reading your post. Sooo cute. :-)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Thanks so much for reading.

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