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Sunday, January 9

New Year New News New Goals

Fashiona hopes that all her readers have had a good start to 2011. She has been quiet as of late because she has experienced a lot of change in a short period of time. This post is delayed because she wanted to share the news with her friends and family first before sharing in blog world.

Ready...here it is.

In December she moved across the metro Atlanta area in part because she got promoted to Assistant Manager at White House Black Market in a different location then the one where she started.  For those counting that is two promotions in a year and the latter in the mist of the most hectic time in retail...the holiday season.

With the holiday season over (whew) and a few days off in a row...yay!!...Fashiona is doing her best to, as her blog friend Dori  from A Little Yellow House put  it, "Push the reset button."

With Fashiona's new personal and work commitments...she will write less often but hopefully more quality (error-free) posts. 

Blog wise Fashiona is still very committed to covering:
  • Fashion with Purpose events/causes
  • Tips for achieving personal style and social commentary
  • And finally with her photographer friend's help she will incorporate some video this year.
Long term...she is working on her first book...she is finding  that the whole book writing process certainly takes longer than it does in the movies.

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