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Wednesday, January 19

Angelina and her lipgloss make headlines

Did you see the Golden Globes on Sunday from start to finish?  Fashiona didn't either but she did watch the  last hour and caught this gem.   If you can't see the flash icon below, please click here for the video clip. 

Yes that is the uber gorgeous Angelina (wearing a green long sleeve Versace dress) reapplying her lipgloss and no sooner than she could put the top back on the tube...Twitter was "a-twitter."

What questions were on your mind? These were Fashiona's...

  1. Did Brad by chance kiss it off?
  2. What brand was she wearing?
  3. What was the exact shade?
  4. How many cosmetic deals will she be approached with?
  5. What ELSE was in her Ferragamo clutch?

1 comment:

Dori said...

I wonder all of those things too now that you mention it ;-)

I also loved many of those green gowns that several ladies were wearing. Great colors!

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