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Monday, December 13

Heel Condoms, a brilliant invention by Sandrysabel Ortiz

Fashiona gets all types of press releases and the one about the heel condoms was the most entertaining in quite some time.

Heel Condoms...no Fashiona did not go "there", she thought they were some type of plastic cover for the heel to possibly protect it from the elements.  Not quite...but what they are is simply genius.

Sandrysabel Ortiz, a stiletto lover, found  a way to extend the "looks" of her favorite heels.  Her theory...you can always find a new pair of heels but it is tough to find a pair that are chic as they are comfortable.

Surprise: the "three" black stilettos you see above...are all the same shoe! Think of the heel condom as a heel stocking, a stocking you put on to COVER the heel of your shoe rather than on your leg. Each pair of stockings look different therefore changing the look of each shoe. The instructions per the inventor: simply place the elastic under your foot to keep in place and no one will notice it's there!

Fashiona loves the concept of  Heel Condoms.... what are your thoughts?


Day said...

Hi Fashiona,
Did you buy a pair to test? Or are you hinting for some more stuff to add to your stocking?

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Tehe...me hint..never? Sandrysabel is sending me a pair...will have pics up soon.

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