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Saturday, June 18

Fashiona is writing for Tyra's Type F

So Miss Fashiona is moving up the  fashion "expert" ladder and has started writing for Tyra Banks's new website Type F. 

typeF.com is a groundbreaking fashion and beauty platform that offers women the personalized style know-how they are looking for, when and where they want it, at home or on the go. Inspired by Tyra Banks and her mission to redefine beauty, typeF.com is a community built on the celebration of diversity and the ideal of empowering women to be their very best.
~From Type F's about page

Her first article is about trends in sunglasses:

No matter what the trends dictate, sunglasses never go out of style and look chic with any ensemble. Style expert Alicia Edwards shares some of the best celebrity sunglasses looks and tells us how we can achieve star style. Please click here to read the rest of her commentary...

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