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Monday, May 23

Fashiona on the 2011 Billboard Music Awards

So everyone was talking about Beyoncé last night and with good reason...she looked absolutely incredible. Her futuristic BladeRunner-esqe web like dress left nada to the imagination except what must her ab (torture chamber) work out really look like!! Congrats to Bey on her well deserved Millennium Award.

Fashiona's other top Billboard Red Carpet Loves:

Rihanna working her techno red hair and white pants suit. Nice change for Rhi Rhi and very lady like.

Kelly Rowland looked pretty in pink with her body hugging mini. 
 Fergie had the dominatrix look down to the hilt. Josh betta watch out...

Fashiona's not so favorite looks:

Nikki Minaj...Smurfette wants her look back.

Mary J Blidge:  Please stick to being to Queen of Hip Hop Soul rather going to Queen of the Jungle

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