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Sunday, April 3

Lafayette 148 New York Previews Spring 2011 at Lenox Square

Fashiona does love a fashion show and did Edward Wilkerson from Lafayette 148 New York deliver…

All photos: Alicia "aka" Fashiona

March 31st at noon Fashiona arrived at Neiman Marcus in Lenox Square for the preview of his Spring 2011 collection.  Soon after she was handed a glass of champagne...she spotted  Tammie from Talking with Tami. Tami, decked out in a poofy green skirt by Sergio Hudson, was the perfect seatmate...snapping pictures and providing her hilarious commentary as the show went on. 

Tammi Reed (L) Edward Wilkerson (R)

Fashiona felt transported to far flung ports with each look…Bombay, Morocco and Ibiza. Every piece was impeccably tailored and the dresses draped with exquisite precision.  Spring was definitely in the air with bright pop colors like turquoise and burnt orange. 

Though there was  a definite nod to the 1940’s with softly waved hair and matte red lipstick...the overall all feel of the show was modern. 

Wilkerson, who went to Fashiona’s alma mater Parsons School of Design, accessorized his collection with oversized floppy hats and chunky necklaces.
Amid the soundtrack of upbeat music…you could hear the ohhs and ahhs of approval and rapid  clicks of the cameras.


Day said...

Looking at this collection makes me even more ready for Spring.
I am dying to go shopping for a new wardrobe.

Volkswagen Air Conditioner Compressor said...

She is looking dashing and beautiful

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