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Sunday, March 6

Fashiona at Atlanta's The Adjustment Bureau Screening

Have you seen The Adjustment Bureau yet...if not please go and treat yourself to this slick urban thriller ASAP. It opened everywhere March 4, 2011.

Fashiona and Sis went to the Atlanta screening on February 16. Fashiona, who loves movies that require a little brain power, was pleasantly surprised with the on screen chemistry between Emily Blunt and Matt Damon.  The timeless struggle between fate and free will is played out in modern day New York.  Anthony Mackie delivered a convincing performance as an Adjuster with a soft spot for the seemingly doomed young couple. Read Fashiona's full review on Examiner.com.

Photo Credit:  Leon Millette Photography 

After the movie, Mr. Mackie  was ushered into the theater for an Q and A session.  The Juillard trained actor talked about his take on Hollywood and acting in general.  He recognizes that acting is his gift and he wants to use his God-given gift responsibly. He shared with the crowd that he mentors younger actors whenever he can.  Now that he is established in his career (after the huge success of Hurt Locker)...he is able to be very selective and takes the time of researching scripts before he signs onto a new project.

He left us with these two thoughts:  

Play your Role and Accept the responsibility of your actions and consequences.


Atlanta Roofing said...

Totally emotional. A great ride, and as you say, all about “was something keeping us apart?”. Thrilled you liked the ending. There are lots of moviegoers in this old world, and different ways to approach story. He certainly worked hard to win, no question about that. He also did a LOT of running.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I really liked this movie a lot:the plot and angst between the lovers and most of all the use of fashion to tell the story.

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