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Sunday, October 17

ASCAP presents: Women Behind the Music Part 3

After posing and interviewing on the Red Carpet....ASCAP honorees shared some of their wisdom that they have collectively learned while climbing the music industry ladder.


From left to right: Rashan Ali, Kelly Rowland, Sandra Brown, Hannah Kang

Hannah Kang, GM of Grand Hustle shared with the panel and guests that she never expected to be a part of the music industry.  She was managing The Shark Bar in her early 20's and she was constantly surrounded by entertainment moguls.  Her take is that business is business... yes there are different nuances in every industry but the essentials of business remain the same. 

Attorney Sandra Brown cautions would-be-entertainment lawyers that there is A LOT of non-glamorous work that goes into representing top clients.  Those contracts have to be in the  best interest  of the client and that takes time and research.

Kelly Rowland's pearls of wisdom included: Stay true to yourself.  Keep a piece of you to yourself even in this tell all social media phase.  Kelly further explained she means that she prefers to keep her private life private...she still remains accessible to budding artists and fondly remembers clamoring for SMV's attention in Houston during the early days of Destiny's Child.

Photo Credit: Jae Walker III
Rashan Ali moderating the panel discussion

Platforms were the footwear of choice.  Rashan had on a floral print that Kelly complimented her on and Ms. Rowland rocked a pair of black suede platforms.

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of ASCAP presents: Women Behind the Music.

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